REVV Convertible Car Seat FAQ


Will this car seat fit my child?

The REVV is designed for children between 5-40 lbs. with a maximum height of 43". Children weighing more than 40 lbs. or taller than 43" should consider a seat that accommodates their weight, height, and age. 

  • A weight of 40 lbs. is equivalent to a 97th percentile 3-year-old boy.
  • A height of 43" is equivalent to a 93rd percentile 3-year-old boy.
  • It is important to remember that all children grow at different rates and in different ways, but this car seat will likely accommodate most children in the rear-facing mode through at least age three.

How long can I anticipate using the REVV?

The REVV is designed for children between 5-40 lbs. with a maximum height of 43". You can expect to achieve approximately 3-4 years of use with this car seat- maybe a little less or a little more, depending on your child's growth. Once your child outgrows REVV by either height or weight, NUNA offers three great seating options to graduate to RAVA, EXEC (all-in-one), and AACE (booster).


Will the REVV fit my vehicle?

The REVV was fit tested in a variety of vehicles with success. With new variations in makes and models, we encourage you to try the seat in your car at a retail location nearest you. We recommend testing both rear-facing and forward-facing modes and different seating locations (outboard rear seat vs. middle seat).


How do I check to make sure my car seat is installed correctly?

NUNA always recommends getting to know your seat by first reading the Instruction Manual for step-by-step instructions. Then, if you would like to have your seat installation checked to ensure its proper use, we recommend it be checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. We offer this service free of charge to all NUNA customers, find out more on this free service by visiting, or to locate a local technician, contact  to find a seat check nearest you.


Does the REVV have an expiration date?

Yes, the NUNA REVV has been certified for 10 years after the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture can be found on the serial label located on the bottom of your REVV. Every car seat has an expiration date to allow you the benefit of regulatory changes and technology enhancements in child passenger safety. Once your car seat has reached its expiration date, we recommend recycling the seat by contacting your local community recycling center.


How much does the REVV weigh?

The weight of the REVV car seat (excluding the inserts) is 32 lbs.


Does this come with a seat protector mat, or may I use one available as an accessory?

No, A seat protector mat is not included with a NUNA REVV purchase and has not been crash-tested with one. Seat protector mats are not recommended to be used with the REVV at this time.


Does this seat have an anti-rebound feature?

Yes, the base of the REVV acts as an anti-rebound system – similar to an anti-rebound panel/bar. This feature helps limit crash forces during the rebound phase of a crash.


How easy is it to install the REVV?

NUNA design goals begin with Simple, Safe, and Secure philosophies that make installing easy. REVV features our True Tension™ door that allows you to get a tight installation with either the lower anchor or the vehicle seat belt. NUNA recommends BELT is BEST, which means we recommend installing with the vehicle seat belt to eliminate confusion on when to transition from lower anchor to vehicle belt after maximum weight of the lower anchors in your vehicle is reached.


Does the REVV have a belt-tensioner or lock-off?

The True Tension™ feature of the REVV acts as a belt tensioner. Therefore, the vehicle seat belt MUST be locked to ensure accurate and safe installation. Refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to determine the locking feature for your car.


What is the easiest way to install the REVV?

NUNA prefers the vehicle seat belt installation method for REVV because it allows you to take advantage of a true one-time installation. The tether must be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes, regardless of whether the car seat is installed with the seat belt or lower anchors (LATCH).


What does one-time install mean?

It means there is no need to reinstall REVV to switch between rear-facing and forward-facing modes. Instead, after installing the REVV, you can simply rotate the seat to the appropriate riding position for your child by following the instruction manual directions.


Can the REVV be reclined while installed?

Yes. You may recline your rear-facing installation with the on-the-go recline feature. Five blue rear-facing positions and five red, forward-facing positions allow you to select the correct recline angle based on your child's size. The opposite reclines are locked out when the seat is rotated to rear- or forward-facing. Ensuring your child is in the correct recline position no matter the direction they face in the REVV.


Is the use of the tether required?

Yes, the tether is required for use in both rear-facing and forward-facing harness modes. The tether strap must be routed over the carry handle on the back panel of the seat's base. (Refer to the REVV Instruction Manual for additional information). It is acceptable for the tether and shoulder portion of the seat belt to overlap and touch.


May the REVV be tethered rear- and forward-facing?

Yes, the tether is required for use in both rear-facing and forward-facing harness modes.


How do I check to make sure I have a tight install?

After completing your install, firmly grip the car seat base at the belt path by both belt positioners and try to move REVV side to side. The base should not move more than one inch. If it moves more than one inch at the belt path, try your installation again and make sure to remove the remaining slack from all areas of the vehicle seat belt. If it still moves more than one inch, you may need to change seating positions in your vehicle or use a different installation method.

(Tip – Lock your vehicle seat belt and then pull the shoulder belt, taking the slack out of the lap portion of the belt. With the remaining slack removed, close the True Tension Door. This should be a tight close and there will be some resistance, this is the tensioning of the belt. Finish by routing the shoulder belt portion behind the base and over the tether as illustrated in the REVV instruction manual.)


I am installing the REVV in rear-facing mode, and I need the car seat to be more reclined. May I use a rolled towel to increase the rear-facing recline?

No, the REVV features five recline positions for rear-facing (Blue) installations and five for forward-facing (Red). The recline may be adjusted on the go, which means you can recline the child's seating area after installing the car seat. These recline positions are confirmed and tested to align with your child's size. You may NOT use a rolled towel or pool noodle to change the recline in the rear-facing or the forward-facing mode.


Will this seat work in the middle seat of the car?

Yes, the REVV can be installed in any forward-facing vehicle seating position allowed in your vehicle's owner's manual as long as a proper installation can be achieved.


If I have both this car seat and a second car seat, will there be enough room to fit in a third passenger in my backseat?

The best way to determine whether your car seat is suitable for a particular seating position is to check for a proper installation, especially when trying to fit multiple passengers in the back seat of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, some smaller sedans and SUVs have rear seat belt systems that overlap, making it difficult to fit three passengers in the back seat.

REVV rotates to allow for easy loading and unloading of your child. However, the car seat will need some additional lateral space to accomplish the rotation, so installing another car seat in the adjacent seating position may limit your use of that feature.


Will I be able to install three car seats in my back seat with the REVV?

There are many thousands of combinations of vehicle makes, models, car seat configurations, vehicle seat belt designs, and seat cushion shapes. Therefore, the easiest way to determine whether your car seat is suitable for a particular seating position is to check for a proper installation, especially when trying to accommodate multiple passengers in the back seat of your vehicle.

The following conditions should be met when installing three car seats next to each other:

  • Each car seat must achieve a proper installation.
  • The positions of the car seat on the vehicle seat are not changed by contact. Each car seat still aligns appropriately with respect to the seat belt or lower anchors that secure them and do not overlap the adjacent car seat.
  • If the vehicle seat is adjustable front-to-back, both portions of the vehicle seat must be adjusted to the same position. 
  • Only one lower anchor connector is connected to a single lower anchor point.
  • There is no contact or force that would bend or deform any of the car seats.
  • The lower anchor belt or seat belt used to install each car seat does not rub on each other or crossover in a way that interferes with each other.

The REVV is designed to rotate to make loading and unloading your child easier. However, the car seat will need some additional lateral space to accomplish the rotation, so installing another car seat in the adjacent seating position may limit your use of that feature.


Is it okay for my child's feet to touch the vehicle seat back when in rear-facing mode?

Yes. The REVV extended seating area accommodates children in rear-facing mode until they are 43" tall or weigh 40 lbs. The REVV's anti-rebound surface is between your child and the vehicle seat. So it's okay if their feet touch the surface.


If using this seat in a second car or a caregiver's car, how easy is it to change modes for children of different ages?

The REVV makes switching the car seat between different children a breeze. The easy one-time installation allows you to rotate the seat between rear-facing and forward-facing modes without reinstalling the car seat. Additionally, the no-rethread harness can be raised or lowered by squeezing the handle at the top of the headrest – again, no need to reinstall the car seat.

Product Use

May the car seat be used without cup holders?

Yes, you may use this product without the cup holders attached to the car seat. The REVV is all about flexibility and convenience. The cup holders are dishwasher safe in the top rack.


May the car seat be used without the harness covers/pads?

No, you may not use this product in any direction without the harness pads attached to the harnesses. This includes both the shoulder pads and hip pads. An additional set of GOTS organic harness covers are included with the REVV purchase and located in the accessory bag.


Will the REVV rotate on its own?

No, the REVV does not rotate on its own only the parent/caregiver may rotate the car seat by squeezing the rotation handle on either side of the car seat.


Because of the rotational feature, does the REVV move when the car is in motion?

No. The REVV is tested and confirmed to be safe and secure when you're on the go.  

While rare, we recognize REVV can exhibit a rattle, especially with an empty seat. This sound comes from inside the seat's connection to its base. This linkage mechanism has a tolerance needed to allow smooth rotation both with and without weight in the seat and to allow passage of debris through the mechanism without binding. If you experience this, it's possible to reduce or eliminate it by simply rotating the seat forward-facing while traveling with REVV unoccupied, adding weight in the seat can reduce this condition. It is typical for turning car seats to have this sound, and we can assure you this condition is verified and tested.


Is it normal for the seat portion to move when rocked on the base?

Yes, this movement is normal. With most rotating car seats, linkage mechanisms inside the seat at its connection to its base allow the seat to spin. Within this mechanism is an allowed tolerance necessary for smooth rotation with and without weight in the seat. It is characteristic for rotating car seats to have movement at this location, and we can assure you this condition is verified and tested.

Care & Storage

May I wash the seating pad? If so, how?

Yes! You can machine wash the removable seat pads separately in cold water — in a delicate cycle with mild detergent. See the product instructions for full cleaning details.


May I safely disinfect my NUNA car seat?

Yes, you may use 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect car seat surfaces, including the fabric, harness, buckle, plastic parts, foam, and labels. You may spray or wipe the 70% isopropyl alcohol to dampen (but not soak) the surfaces. Afterward, be sure to let the surfaces air dry. This guidance applies to all NUNA car seats and booster seats. But keep in mind—this guidance doesn't apply to vehicle surfaces, like the seat belt. Please consult your vehicle manufacturer for advice on disinfecting or cleaning vehicle surfaces.


How easy is it to remove the covers to wash?

Simple to do. The covers can be easily removed and replaced after washing (Follow care instructions found in the instruction manual).

(Tip- record removing the seat cover on your phone so you can watch it back and reverse the steps.)


How do I clean the base?

The base and plastics may be wiped clean with mild detergent and damp cloth—be sure not to soak the labels!


May I hose the seat down in case of any accidents (for example, my child gets sick in their seat?)

Follow the care and cleaning instructions provided in the REVV Instruction Manual. Also, be sure to reach out to NUNA Consumer Care for more information and communications regarding sanitization.


Fabric & Finishes

If car seats are required by government regulation to be flame-retardant, how does NUNA make sure it meets the government standard?

Flammability testing of car seats is required under the FMVSS 302, Flammability of Interior Materials Standard. The test measures the rate a flame spreads with the goal of maximizing the amount of time a caregiver would have to remove an occupant from the car seat in the event of a vehicle fire. NUNA's car seats are tested by an accredited independent testing laboratory and meet the FMVSS 302 standard.

Each and every NUNA car seat is crafted with fire-retardant (FR) free materials through and through. When it comes to your child's health, high standards matter. The FR-free materials used in NUNA car seats are naturally flame resistant while containing no added harmful chemicals, making them safer for your child.

We made the unique choice in offering an entire line of FR-free car seats, so you get your choice of ten car seats in a variety of fashions to match your family's lifestyle - no compromises.