How do I properly fit the CUDL™ waist band?

With a newborn, it is recommended to wear the waist band high on your waist, so baby is close enough to kiss. As baby grows, the waistband can remain higher or positioned lower on your hips. Comfort is individual and is easy to make incremental adjustments and test to see what fits you best. The waist band should always be worn snugly, doing so will allow even weight distribution on your hips for more comfort on your back and shoulders.


I have arm/shoulder pain or numbness while wearing?

If you are experiencing any pain or numbness your carrier is too tight in fit & shoulder straps could be set too wide on shoulders.


What can I fit in the pocket of the CUDL™?

The pocket on the CUDL™ waistband will comfortably fit a spare diaper or two and wipes and/or keys and cell phone (iPhone 8 plus).


Can I wear my CUDL™ through airport security?

Based on collective travel experiences, it can vary depending on the season and busyness of the airport at the time. TSA could ask you to remove the carrier at the time of checking.