PIPA™ Series Base vs. PIPA™ RELX Base

If you are deciding on which PIPA™ base is right for your family, look no further. All of our PIPA™ infant car seats (excluding the Pipa Urbn) are compatible with both the PIPA™ series base and the newer PIPA™ RELX base and both bases can be purchased separately.

Watch our Global Car Seat Safety Advocate, Bob Wall, explain our two bases here.

PIPAseriesbase_WebImage_Angle_US.png              Nuna_RELXbase_Overhead_US.png

                   PIPA™ SERIES BASE                                                PIPA™ RELX BASE


Both the PIPA™ series and PIPA™ RELX base include a stability leg, which extends from the front of the base down to the floor of your vehicle. Nuna was the first brand to successfully bring the stability leg to the United States market. The benefit of the stability leg is that it reduces the forward motion during a frontal impact by 90% while also reducing head injury by 46%.

Both bases also come with rigid lower anchors that featured Nuna's 5-second true lock install. Both bases can be installed using the vehicle seat belt since they both have a seat belt path and a seat belt lock off which can be used in vehicles that can't accommodate lower anchors. Both bases also include color indicators (red to green) on the stability leg and lower anchors to confirm proper installation. 


PIPA™ series base

The PIPA™ series base has always been a hassle-free, very quick install.

Features include:

  • Two bubble level indicators
  • One position, flip-out recline adjustment foot
  • One position lower anchor
  • Free flowing two-piece stability leg, almost 12 positions
  • Load leg stores under base


The PIPA™ RELX base adds several features that can make the base easier to install in a wider range of vehicles and seating positions.

Features include:

  • Bubble free installation
  • Four position, on-the-go recline, ensuring child is both safe and comfortable
  • Anti-rebound panel
  • Low profile base for easier loading of infant seat
  • Four position adjustable lower anchor to remove or reduce the gap between seat and base
  • Three-piece locking stability leg, 17 positions for improved range-better fit to middle seat
  • Load leg storage compartment with lock
  • Open belt path for easier install

Weight and Dimensions

PIPA™ series base

  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 22 x W 12 x H 8.5 inches


  • Weight: 16.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 23.75 x W 13 x H 12 inches